Qualitylab Control Laboratory

QUALITYLAB laboratory has all the capabilities to perform complex analyses on a wide array of matrices.
Our differential factors are:

  • Laboratory equipped with high quality analytical instruments especially GC; HPLC; GC-MS; AAS; ICP-OES; UV-VIS; FTIR
  • High quality and accurate results
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Quick response time
  • Sampling in accordance with international protocols
  • Real-time monitoring of the results
  • Capability of performing analysis for over 500 pesticides and many other contaminants
  • Research and own method development
  • Advice and support from our specialists with many years of experience

Heavy Metals Food Testing with our Labs?

Our heavy metals food testing services include access to Qualitylab knowledgeable food safety team who are experts in the different heavy metal regulations around the world. In our lab we use latest instruments to test water which allows us to detect heavy metals at ultra-low levels in order to help ensure you comply with international standards.

Food Products Food

Our offer for pesticides testing?

  • Performance of pesticide residue analyses
  • Performance of GLP studies (in the context of pesticide's registration)
  • Helpdesk regulatory framework (regulations and maximum residue limits)
  • Consultancy in product safety
  • Pesticide analysis for GMP studies (Ph. Eur. / USP)
  • Method development and validation under GMP/GLP guidelines for customers and in accordance with ICH guidelines
  • Sampling service
Water labs

Other organic contaminants?

We offer full analysis of organic contaminants, process contaminants and migration residues. We offer to examine a large number of organic contaminants of anthropogenic origin, process contaminants and migration residues, in a great variety of food and feed.
We also analyze dioxins according to accepted European directives and certified procedures or upon request according to Japanese standards (JIS requirements) and American standards (US EPA method).
Our experts are happy to discuss the requirements arising from the international directives and advise on how to comply with them.

Water Water

Broad range of parameters and matrices analyzed

  • Water and drinks
  • Seafood products
  • Vegetable oils
  • Meat and chicken
  • Baby food and infant formula
  • Dairy products (milk, baby milk, cheese etc.)
  • Cereals and bakeries
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Wines and alcoholic beverages
  • Dietary supplements
  • Canned food
  • Etc.…

Many others analysis:

  • Nutrition labels in food products
  • Honey and wine full parameters
  • All parameters in drinking water
  • Quality control of foods (vitamin, organic acids, additives…)
  • Microbiology examination of water and food